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Do anti-aging foods provide health benefits?

Aging is the process of becoming older. Aging involves the change in lifestyle. It is important to take care of mental health as well as physical health.

Choosing healthy foods is a smart way to achieve the goal of healthy aging.

Below are the few benefits of anti-aging foods:
  • Healthy hair
  • Stronger nails
  • Slim figure
  • Reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease.
  • Better circulation.
  • Lower BP
  • Hydrated, glowing skin



Watercress increases the circulation and delivery of minerals to all cells of the body, which enhances the oxygenation of the skin.
Watercress contains vitamin A, C, and antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals.

Red bell pepper

Red bell pepper is packed with powerful antioxidants called carotenoids and high content of vitamin c- red bell pepper


This delicious fruit is a rich source of varieties of antioxidants vitamins, and minerals that help to enhance skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.


Blueberries contain vitamin A and C as well as antioxidants known as anthocyanin, which gives a deep attractive blue color.


Broccoli is an anti-aging powerhouse packed with a variety of antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber and Calcium.


Spinach is super hydrating and a good source of antioxidants that oxygenate and replenish the entire body


No matter what nut we choose-All are a good source of vitamin E. They are cholesterol-lowering and anti-inflammatory.


Avocado provides smooth and supple skin. They contain a variety of essential nutrients that prevent negative aging effects.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamin E and C which protects the skin from harmful free radicals.
The color is due to the conversion of antioxidants to vitamin A.
Vitamin A enhances skin elasticity, promote skin cell turnover and provides a soft and healthy skin.


Pomegranates have been used as a healing medicinal fruit. It contains Vitamin C and a variety of potent antioxidants. It also contains a compound called punicalagin that helps to preserve skin collagen and slow down the aging process.

These foods will nourish your body for a glow that comes from within..:)

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Friday, September 27, 2019

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory condition, which affects the skin’s surface. The condition causes inflamed, red, flaky and itchy skin, often around the knees, elbows, and scalp.

Psoriasis: more than just dry skin

It affects people of all ages, races, and genders. It may be contagious and affect people’s self-esteem as well.

Things you should know

Psoriasis is common, 1 in 50 people have this condition. So, need not worry or stress yourself.

The National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) says that depression is the number one co-morbidity of psoriasis.

  • Gene Mutation: Scientists have now identified about 25 genetic variants, which increase the probability of a person developing psoriasis
  • Stress
  • Weather changes Medications
  • Infections
  • Skin Trauma
  • Smoking and Alcohol


It is classified into 6 types. They are Plaque Psoriasis, Scalp Psoriasis, Guttate Psoriasis, Pustular Psoriasis, Psoriasis in Sensitive Areas and Nail Psoriasis

1      Plaque Psoriasis
It is the most common type which is caused by the accumulation of skin cells known as plaques.
Area affected: Whole body

2       Scalp Psoriasis

It may result in dandruff.
Area affected: Scalp Torso back and limbs

3       Guttate Psoriasis

It appears on the skin as red, scaly, small, teardrop-shaped spots
Area affected: Torso back and limbs

4       Pustular Psoriasis

A raised bump that is filled with a white, thick fluid composed of white blood cells
Area affected: Whole body

5       Psoriasis in Sensitive Areas

Skin is more sensitive in certain places like face, genitals and the skin folds under the breasts and buttocks and in the groin.
Genital psoriasis develops around the genital area
It can flare up on the vulva or the penis. It can also appear on your upper thighs, the folds of skin between your thigh and groin, or between your buttocks
Area affected  : Face, armpits genitals and skin folds

6       Nail Psoriasis

It affects the nails or toenails and can be painful, restricting movement
Area affected: Nails


Unfortunately, there is no permanent treatment available for psoriasis. There are some topical creams help relieve the symptoms of the condition
Researchers are working on new treatments for the management of the condition.

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Monday, September 9, 2019

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1. Explore your Knowledge
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Dermatology 2019 aims to bring the leading academic scientists, researchers, and scholars together to exchange and share their knowledge around all aspects of dermatology. It will be a brilliant opportunity to meet prominent personalities and to learn the most recent technological progressions.

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Technology is changing and improving every day, so there is always new information to be shared and there is still something one needs to learn. Hear from the experts on the latest issues and stay up to date.

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

What is Electrology?

Electrology is the practice of electrical hair removal to permanently remove human hair from the body. Electrolysis is the process of removing hair using electricity.

In electrolysis, a qualified expert called an electrologist slides a hair-thin, solid metal probe into each hair follicle without perforating the skin (when embedded appropriately). Electricity is conveyed to the follicle by the probe, which causes localized harm to the regions that create hairs, either through the arrangement of caustic sodium hydroxide (the galvanic strategy), overheating (thermolysis), or both (the blend method).


There are three methods used in Electrology. They are:

  • Galvanic method
  • Thermolysis
  • Blend method

1. Galvanic Method:

In the Galvanic Method, a positive ground power supply which delivers 0-3 milliamperes into the body. The follicular probe is the cathode of an electrolytic cell. Sodium hydroxide developed at the cathode by means of chemical electrolysis destroys the hair matrix cells. Modern galvanic hair removers automatically adjust the voltage to maintain a constant current.

2. Thermolysis:

It is also known as radio frequency (RF), shortwave or diathermy.

In thermolysis, a radio transmitter, usually with an output of about 0-8 watts at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. RF energy radiates from the probe tip to tissue within about a millimeter. Thermolysis works by heating the hair matrix cells to about 48 to 50 °C (118 to 122 °F), causing electrocoagulation.

3. Blend method:

In the Blend method, the above-mentioned Galvanic Method and Thermolysis are combined. It uses both RF and direct current to remove the hair from the body.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What is Dermatovenereology?


Dermatology is the branch of medical science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, its appendages (hair, nails) and adjoining mucous membrane (mouth, genital).


Venereology is the branch of medical science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) also called "venereal diseases".

Dermato-venerology is a branch of dermatology which deals with the study of sexually transmitted diseases whose consequences give birth to skin diseases. Venereology and dermatology can be studied together as in most of the sexually transmitted diseases the foremost symptom appears on the skin. Bacteria, virus, and parasites are the major causative agents for venerel diseases.

  • HIV infection, syphilis, gonorrhea, candidiasis, herpes simplex, human papillomavirus
  • Sexually transmitted infections: chancroid, lymphogranuloma venereum, granuloma inguinale, hepatitis B, and cytomegalovirus infection

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9 Skin Diseases You Can Pick Up at the Gym

Gym-goers may aim to leave sessions stronger, lighter, faster, or healthier than before, they can also depart with an unwanted skin condition.

A study found that gym weights have 362 times more germs than a toilet seat.

Here are some of the most likely culprits for post-workout rash, bumps, or sores, and how you can avoid getting and spreading gym germs.

An itchy rash caused by hair follicles infected with bacteria

The treatment for folliculitis varies based on the type and the severity of the condition.
·        Medication (antibiotic/ antifungals)
·         Light therapy
·         Lancing
·         Laser hair removal
·         Home remedies
o   Warm compresses
o   Good hygiene
o   Soothing bath

·         try not to wear tight-fitting clothes
·         Keep your skin clean by showering after exercise
·         don't share towels or washcloths

A fungal infection that causes a red, scaly rash, often in a ring-shaped pattern

·         Medications (Antifungal)

·         Don't share personal items such as a towel
·         Stay cool and dry
·         Keep clean.
·         Wash your hands often

Athlete’s foot
An itchy infection caused by fungus on the feet.

·         Medications (Antifungal)
·         Home remedies (warm soak)

·         Provide a dry, clean, and friction-free environment for the feet.

Jock itch
Is a fungal infection of the groin

·         Medications (Antifungal)
·         Home remedies
o   Wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and warm water.
o   Dry the affected area thoroughly after bathing and exercise.

·         Change clothes and undergarments every day
·         Wear loose cotton clothing.

Staph infections
An infection caused by bacteria commonly found on the skin or in the nose.

·         Medications (Antibiotics)

·         Don't share personal items such as towel, soap and razors
·         Keep your hands clean
·         Keep cuts and scrapes clean and covered with bandages until they heal
·         Shower right after exercising

A highly contagious skin infection that causes red sores on the face.

·         Medications (Antibiotics)

·         Practice good hygiene
·         Take bath regularly
·         Wash your hands.

Plantar warts
small growths that usually, appear on the heels or other weight-bearing areas of your feet

·         Medications (Anti-inflammatory)
·         Medical procedure
o   Freezing-Using liquid nitrogen to freeze and remove a wart.
o   Tissue scraping- Removal of tissue by scraping or scooping with a surgical instrument called a curette.
·         Home remedies (warm soak)

·         Avoid direct contact with warts.
·         Keep your feet clean and dry
·         Change your shoes and socks daily.
·         Don't pick at or scratch warts
·         Avoid walking barefoot around swimming pools and locker rooms

Molluscum Contagiosum
Small, benign bumps on the skin caused by a poxvirus.

·         Medical procedure
o   Freezing-Using liquid nitrogen to freeze and remove a wart.
o   Tissue scraping- Removal of tissue by scraping or scooping with a surgical instrument called a curette.

·         Don't share personal items such as towel, soap and razors
·         Avoid shaving
·         Avoid sexual contact if you have bumps in the genital area

A virus causing contagious sores, most often around the mouth or on the genitals.

·         Medication (Antiviral)
·         Home remedies
o   bathing in lightly salted water
o   applying petroleum jelly to the affected area
o   soaking in a warm bath
o   avoid tight clothing

·         use condoms when having sex
·         do not have sex while symptoms are present (genital, anal, or skin-to-skin)
·         do not kiss when there is a cold sore around the mouth
·         do not have many sexual partners

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Do anti-aging foods provide health benefits?

Aging is the process of becoming older. Aging involves the change in lifestyle. It is important to take care of mental health as well as p...